APEX DX

There exists an enormous amount of material on what has become known as recreational mathematics, popularized greatly by a most exceptional journalist, Martin Gardner, in his monthly contributions to Scientific American and much paperback and hardback publication extensions of such writings. Through Gardner you may have been introduced to Polyominoes, combinatory objects of connected congruent squares. Polyominoes, with letters in the squares have given rise to a number of Cryptogram Ornamental cover challenges which may not represent everyone’s starting point on a learning curve, so we offer below, a set of six, six square Polyominoes (Hexominoes) which when correctly assembled, form one six by six square. Read off its message, this one by row pattern and you may have your first “cover graphics” solving experience. From this starting point, the sky may become your limit. Good solving.

H   O G                
S S I     T         T  
          U       L A  
          M U   N I T  
      A   B N          
    O R             U T
T W I           E I S  
H E F