Appendix IX – The use of Google as a Solving Tool


Google Inc., an American multinational corporation specializes in Internet-related services including an excellent online search mechanism and educational technique. It can be an invaluable aid to our solving process as illustrated by some examples below.

Devious constructor, TSIOLKOVSKY, authored a most challenging cipher with his E-18 Quagmire III, titled, International Relations, in the SO 2013 Cm. Numerous trial and error works with Period lengths and crib placements generated no success while toiling through the solving process.

With the thought that the crib “and run came at the end of the second refrain” might produce a clue with a Google Search on the Internet, a few clicks on the keyboard revealed the following repartee:

“Mad Dogs and Englishmen” is a song written by Noel Coward and first performed in The Third Little Show at the Music Box Theater on June 1, 1931.”

“The song is especially known for the line “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun” with which most verses begin and end.”

“At a dinner party given by Winston Churchill in honor of President Franklin D. Roosevelt it achieved international significance. It appears that the two world leaders became involved in a heated debate as to whether ‘In Bangkok at twelve o’clock they foam at the mouth and run’ came at the end of the first refrain or at the end of the second refrain. President Roosevelt held firmly to the latter view and refused to budge even under the impact of Churchillian rhetoric. In this he was right. Mr. Churchill later admitted defeat like a man.”

Dragging President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill’s name through the Quagmire III construction ciphertext produced an inordinate amount of plaintext and a solution was in sight.

The E-10 Route Transposition cipher in the JA 2013 Cm by RIG RMORTIS was titled “Terpsichorean tongue.” Google not only indicated the use of the title in the Dance World but provided dance masters by name, leading to much plaintext in this route path.

The JA 2013 A-16 by WORD WIZARD is titled, “Has sixteen vertices, “is identified by Google as a Tesseract, the very second word of the cipher’s plaintext.

In JF 2013, WORD WIZARD offered a baffling Cipher Exchange Railfence cipher construction titled, Stellar Sequence. It contained five rails in ordinary numerical sequence but its opening plaintext made little sense. A quick search of “Stellar Sequence” on Google provided the code letters of OBAFGKMRN, a mnemonic reference to the spectral class of a star based upon its ionization state.

It also provided the first nine words of the Railfence construction, “Oh be a fine girl kiss me right now…..”

HONEYBEE’s JA2013, E-23 Quagmire IV, State Park, (seventy-seven hundred men) required just a bit more insightfulness and the knowledge that this cipher cryptographer had been penning many State Park constructions located in Virginia.. A Google visit soon produced the Virginia State Park site (Sailors Creek) where seventy-seven hundred soldiers were lost or wounded and the cipher solver was rewarded with much plaintext.

The list goes on and the lessons here are many.

  1. All solving aids are fair in war and solving when dueling with the devious constructor.
  2. There are no off limit support aids in the research of the cryptanalysis process.
  3. Pay attention to cipher titles and cribs as aids in researching cipher plaintext.