Young Tyros Newsletter June 2018

Young Tyros Newsletter

June 2018


Devious Railfence constructor at work COPST – Contribution of Personal Solving Techniques

MA E-21 Railfence Construction.     LIONEL

The MA E-21 Railfence construction title (… or vice versa) hints of deviousness at work and its plaintext begs the question of whether ACA krewe have a program to solve it. When this paper and pencil solver did not obtain logical plaintext with the ciphertext written in horizontally on his template, I consulted our ACA and You Handbook to determine if existing alternative construction methods for the cipher were within our ACA guidelines and sure enough, in black and white, such is stated. For fellow paper and pencil solvers in ACA land, a Railfence template is available in the Tyro Tutorial noted for free E-Mail distribution below.

Xenocrypt Solving

If you have never attempted solving a Xenocrypt for fear of not knowing the language, you are performing a huge disservice to yourself. Many of the Xenos on the first page of the column are a lot easier than the Aristocrat and Patristocrat ciphers that cause us so much pain. Cribs are available for placements which allow Keyword Alphabet construction leading to additional plaintext. Necessary tools are at a minimum. Bi-lingual proficiency is not among them. Although a foreign pocket dictionary is helpful, it is not required. Notice that all of the Xenocrypts on the first page of the column are constructed with a K1 or K2 keyword alphabets. Keyword Alphabet analysis is a most helpful asset to use when solving Aristocrat and Patristocrat and Xenocrypt ciphers. Another helpful Xenocrypt tool is the ACA Xenocrypt Handbook, an immeasurable aid as you begin to tackle the slightly more difficult Xenocrypt constructions, edited and published by PHOENIX in 1996, it is available in the For Sale list of publications on page 13 of the ACA Cryptogram Journal. The handbook is full of instructional material, foreign language word lists, frequency tables and statistical data. One copy is available, free for the asking, from our Young Tyros library.

Free E-Mail Offer.

Tyro Tutorial (148 pages) by LIONEL, fundamental cipher solving processes of some thirty different cipher types.

Free Code and Cipher Books & Phoebee Slide –Place an order. The mailing is also free.

  • American Magic – Levin
  • Bi-literal Cypher of Francis Bacon – Gallup
  • Codes and Ciphers – Wrixon
  • Codes, Secret Writing – Zim
  • Hidden Codes – Berloquin
  • Hitler’s Spies – Kahn
  • Invitation to Cryptograms – Williams
  • Reader of Gentlemen’s Mail – Kahn
  • Secret Codes & Ciphers – Kohn
  • Universal PhoeBee Circular Cipher Slide – by PHOENIX & HONEYBEE

ZANAC’s Gimme a Break – MJ Aristocrats (may be digraphs / trigraphs) (1) unless otherwise stated

A-1, the (5), A-2, we (4), A-3, that, the, A-4, the (2), A-5, which (2), A-6, the, A-7, that, A-8, the (2), A-9, that, the (2) A-10, that, the, A-11, that (2), A-12, you (2), A-13, the, A-14, to (3), A-15, the (3), A-16, the (3), A-17, his (2), A-18, the (4), A-19, music, A-20, are, A-21, ing (2), A-22, with (2), A-23, from (2), A-24, from, A-25, film.

ZANAC’s Gimme a Break – MJ Patristocrats (may be digraphs / trigraphs) (1) unless otherwise stated

P-1, the (3), P-2, the (2), P-3, the (5), P-4, the (3), P-5, the (4), P-6, the (4), P-7, the (6), P-8, the (2), P-9, that (2), the (3) P-10, the (2), P-11, the (5), P-12, that, the (2), P-Sp-1, ETB = and , P-Sp-2, QTW = and.

LATIN DUDEMA-6. Ragbaby. 14th in line. (ratification) “the” – 4
DYETIMA. A-22. Spectacular spectrum. K3. Think skyward for title plaintext reference.
CONFUOCOMA. P-Sp-1. Comfort food. K3. (95/18) Plaintext start describes deliciousness of title.
BARKMA. X-3. Dutch. K1. About love. Beware of K1 keyword alphabet. Proper noun – Rabindranath Tagore.
TSIOLKOVSKYMA. E-2. Homophonic. One liner. (gets) Keyword refers to title.
PARROTMA. E-11. Amsco. Strong words. (enough) Period Ten begins “I hope.”
MA. E-12. Fractionated Morse. How to succeed. (the people) Crib placed at position 1. ICECAP
MA. E-15. Foursquare. Enduring value. MSCREP crib extension “tomorrow only one thing end….” G-MAN
MA. E-16. Baconian. Money. (man’s) Crib placement starts at 15th ciphertext group. ARIES
MA. E-17. Nihilist Transposition. Yearly designator. Period Ten. CRUX
Horizontal ciphertext. PARROT supplies crib “calendar.”
MA. E-18. Ragbaby. Slimy. MSCREP crib extension “Roman emperors” WHITEPINE
MA. E-19. Key Phrase. It is up to us. (entire) PARROT: Additional crib: “Safeguarding” ALCIBIADES
MA. E-20. Monome-Dinome. His goal in life. (fights) Side digits – 5 & 9. Begins “I endeavor” BION
MA. E-21. Railfence. Or vice versa. CT written in by zigzag, pt out by horizontal. Five rails. NORTH DECODER
MA. E-22. Vigenere. Wedded bliss. Period Seven Socrates quotation. DANEEL
MA. E-26. Quagmire IV. Computer stuff. Period Eight, crib placement at position 93, begins “The” ANAPEST
MA. C-14. Duodecimal Multiplication. (Three words, 0-B) TWI = 012 BION
MA. C-Sp-1. Addition. (No word, 0-9) ALR = 012 ALCIBIADES
MA. C-Sp-2. Multiplication. (No word, 0-9) AWS = 012 FOMALHUT
MA. AC-1189. ??? Professionalism? (130) (experts) PARROT offers: Period Eleven Beaufort. G-MAN
MJ. A-25. Eric Von Stroheim. K4. (97) Search pattern wordlists for seven and ten letter words containing ciphertext
letters representing plaintext letters in same positions for BTEGOAS and FYJETIXGOA. PETROUSHKA
MJ. P-10. Up to 40 meters long. K2. (WIUMN) Google “rhizophysid” for background on this cipher. THE RAT
MJ. X-3. Dutch. K2. (altijd) Use K2 keyword alphabet to determine crib placement between two choices. BARK
MJ. X-7. ????? K2. Advice. (English Key) Germanic language constructor continues work. WCU = kon BARK
MJ. X-9. French Incomplete Columnar. Open library. (le monde) Period Eight, begins “La” URKULU
MJ. X-10. Spanish Beaufort. Borges admires it. (lejos) Period Six, begins “Lo” BION
MJ. E-2. Route Transposition. Classic advice. Nine columns, zigzag column in. LIFER
MJ. E-4. Railfence. Include the offset. (turtle-2) No offsets needed with six rails. FAT CAT
MJ. E-5. Redefence. Reptilian perspective. Three rails, no offsets. APEX DX
MJ. E-7. Variant. Action vs. talk. Period seven. (table) G-MAN
MJ. E-8. Gronsfeld. Play it safe. (Period seven) Crib: bananas THE DOC
MJ. E-10. Null. OK, you can say it. (is a) Crib placement presents a numerical sequence of three. WABBIT
MJ. E-12. Porta. If we knew then what we know now. Period Seven. RIG R. MORTIS
How to solve a polyalphabetic cipher without a crib: Look for “The” plaintext start, “second and third letters work on
this construction. Look for “ING” keyword ending, works on this construction.
MJ. E-14. Monome-Dinome. Artistic advice? (green-2) Side numbers = 3 & 7. EL CONDOR
MJ. E-18. Morbit. Optical illusion. Crib – “only” LIONEL
MJ. E-19. Beaufort. No fire department. Period eleven. Crib: demons BRASSPOUNDER
MJ. E-25. Key Phrase. Marriage advice? (divorces) THAHTSSH = divorces. SCHSSE = chilly. CILLBIPHER
MJ. C-8. Multiplication. (One word, 9-0) Jewish recipe. S = 0. T = 9. LATIN DUDE
MJ. C-12. Undecimal Division. (Three words, 0-A) Word beginnings – G = 0, I = 5, S = 9. LI’L GAMIN
MJ. C-13. Undecimal Multiplication. (Tw0 words, A-0) Word beginnings – M = A, B = 4. THE DOC
MJ. C-Sp-2. Addition. (No word, 0-9) I = 0, Q = 4, L = 9. ALCIBIADES